Servicing my watch

Why is it so important that my Union Glashütte watch is serviced regularly?

Unlike many other mechanical instruments, your watch works non-stop, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To ensure constant accuracy, the individual components in the movement must be well-oiled and spotlessly clean. The quality of the oil degrades with time, causing slight friction and deposits which can have a negative effect on the accuracy of your watch.

Therefore, Union Glashütte recommends having your watch serviced regularly, every four to five years, so that the oil and worn components can be cleaned and replaced. To ensure that the work meets our quality standards, it is important that the maintenance service is performed by a watchmaker certified by Union Glashütte.

Where can I take my Union Glashütte watch to have it serviced?

Take your Union Glashütte watch to a Union Glashütte retailer, who will ensure that your watch is serviced or repaired professionally in an authorised service centre by trained watchmakers. You can also take your watch to your jeweller of choice for forwarding to Union Glashütte.

What are the scheduled service intervals for my Union Glashütte watch?

Service intervals can vary widely. They depend on individual habits, on how carefully you handle your watch and on climate conditions. As a rule of thumb, a watch should be brought in for service – depending on usage – every four to five years.

Does my mechanical Union Glashütte watch need to be serviced even if I do not wear it all the time?

Even if you do not wear your Union Glashütte watch all the time, the oils and greases it contains can evaporate or polymerise and degrade the rate accuracy of the watch.

We therefore recommend that you send your watch in to customer service every four to five years, regardless of how often you wear it.

Why don't you supply spare parts directly to customers?

Our customer service centres carry out servicing work to our high quality standards. As all customers have access to these authorised service centres, we do not supply spare parts directly to our customers.

How much does it cost to have a Union Glashütte watch serviced?

The prices charged by the Union Uhrenfabrik GmbH Glashütte service centre in Germany can be found in the watch servicing price list. As many countries do not permit retail prices to be set, these are not binding.

Each independent, authorised Union Glashütte service centre can set their own service prices. Please use the contact data at Find certified service center, to ask for local watch service prices.

However, the recommended retail prices on the website apply in countries with an official service centre belonging to the Swatch Group

What is the difference between a partial service and a full service?

For mechanical watches, a partial service consists of rate calibration. This service also covers the replacement of individual parts needed for water resistance. A full service is carried out if work is needed on the movement (replacement of worn components and oils). The full service also covers all the processes carried out in the partial service.