In 1893, the foundations of Union Glashütte were laid. When he established the "Glashütter Uhrenfabrik Union", entrepreneur Johannes Dürrstein had a keen sense for what his customers wanted: He wanted to produce attractive, high-end watches of Glashütte quality, but at an affordable price. 125 years later, Union Glashütte continues with his vision in the 21st century.

Then and now: A visionary approach

In the second half of the 19th century, a watch industry developed in Glashütte which brought fame to the name of the town far beyond its borders. Businessman Johannes Dürrstein wanted to add a new dimension to this young Saxon watch culture. Under the name of "Glashütter Uhrenfabrik Union", his dream finally took shape in 1893: Everything that makes a watch accurate and beautiful but nothing that makes it expensive – this was the principle that was to characterise his Union watches. Union Glashütte has remained true to this timeless motto and still makes the art of mechanical watchmaking accessible to a wide public today.

Mechanical heartbeat, made in Glashütte

The Union Glashütte brand is dedicated to its history and its home town. Each and every model is carefully assembled, calibrated and finished by hand by an experienced team in the Glashütte watchmaking workshop. Whether it's the fine decoration, the minute adjustments to the accuracy or the careful mounting of the hands, traditional craftsmanship and modern technology always go hand in hand. This also applies to the company's latest creation. The 1893 Johannes Dürrstein edition is dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the brand and has an exclusive manual-winding calibre that was designed entirely by Union Glashütte.

The collection: One in spirit, varied in design

The Union Glashütte workshops produce exclusively mechanical timepieces which allow the refined inner workings to be admired though a glass case-back. The collection is deliberately varied in design: The Viro models, for instance, are linear and puristic in form, while a Noramis evokes the timeless elegance of the 50s and 60s. Alongside the bold, striking Belisar models, there is the classic 1893, its rich detail recalling the roots of the brand. Naturally, the ladies watches also exude style: The charming Sirona blurs the lines between timepiece and jewellery, while the sporty elegance of the Seris celebrates feminine confidence.

Timeless charm: Union Glashütte and classic cars

The combination of aesthetic beauty and complex technology is captivating – whether on the wrist or on the road. Union Glashütte therefore feels right at home in the company of classic cars. Since 2010, the brand has joined the Sachsen Classic rally in its home town not only as a partner, but also by creating a special-edition model. What's more, it is also actively involved in classic car rallies such as the Silvretta Classic and ADAC Deutschland Klassik – to the delight of all who have a passion for both classic cars and modern timepieces.

Into the future

In the past 125 years, the world – and with it the watch industry – has changed fundamentally. Yet the hours, minutes and seconds of life continue to tick in the same, constant rhythm. And to this, Union Glashütte remains utterly dedicated, striving ahead, in the spirit of Johannes Dürrstein, to shape the future of Glashütte watchmaking: The dream watch.

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