Your watch's journey through
our customer services

Customer service is about much more than watchmaking finesse; it also involves management, logistics and a great deal of intuitive understanding – on both a technical and human level. Each timepiece is treated like a guest who deserves our undivided attention and the best possible care. After all, these watches only make a brief trip back home to ensure they always look their best on their owner's wrist.


First, all the necessary data for your watch is recorded and photographs are taken to document its condition.

This is followed by an extensive visual and function check and the rate is also tested. The customer services department use these results to make their diagnosis and advise on the appropriate course of action.


Contact is now made with the person who logged the service request and all information on the watch is passed on – unless it is a warranty claim or goodwill gesture. Once approved, the timepiece is forwarded to the company's watchmaker with a description of the work to be performed.


The first step involves disassembling the watch and separating the movement. The case and metal bracelet are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, and also polished if required. After this, the crown, push-buttons and seals are replaced, all the case components are fitted and the construction is checked for water resistance.


If necessary, the movement itself is then carefully disassembled into its components parts so that fault diagnostics can be performed. Faulty parts are rejected and replaced. Once all elements have been cleaned, the entire movement is reassembled.


First of all, the dial and hands are seated and placed inside the case along with the movement. Following this, the rate is calibrated, water resistance is ensured and then all rate values and functions are tested. Finally, the strap is fitted and the entire timepiece is subjected to a final visual check before being returned to its owner.