Our partnerships

The combination of aesthetic beauty and complex technology is captivating – whether on the wrist or on the road. Union Glashütte therefore feels right at home in the company of classic cars. We are an active partner to various major vintage car events, where our watches encounter like-minded connoisseurs and collectors from every corner of the world – people who devote time to the finer things in life.

"Vintage car driving tours"

The ADAC Deutschland Klassik tour is all about enjoying the drive at a leisurely pace. Each year, the tour takes the drivers around a different region of Germany. On these relaxed tours, the emphasis is not on how powerful the car is, but on the delight of a leisurely drive and spectacular scenery. As partner to this popular tour, Union Glashütte proves that an established watch manufacturer not only counts every second, but knows how to enjoy every second too.

Vintage car rallies

While the traditional classic car rallies also celebrate the joy of driving, they incorporate an additional sporting challenge. Whether it's the Paul Pietsch Classic, the Silvretta Classic or the Sachsen Classic rally, Union Glashütte is proudly on hand to offer support while vintage cars record their best times, at time checks, evaluations and from the start line all the way to the finish line.

Limited editions

No matter whether they prefer a laid-back driving tour or a fast-paced contest, automotive enthusiasts and watch connoisseurs the world over share a love for exquisite engineering. Union Glashütte celebrates this passion for engineering not only through its unwavering precision, but also through limited special editions that embody the qualities of prestige cars.