Looking after my watch

Cleaning and care

Use a soft cloth to wipe your Union Glashütte watch clean of fingerprints and other forms of dirt. The watch and the stainless steel bracelet can be washed occasionally using warm, soapy water and a soft brush. Leather straps should never come into contact with water or soap, since this would shorten their service life.

Contact with cosmetics and chemicals

Avoid contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes or cosmetics. These are highly likely to impair the coating of the strap or case and damage the seals that keep your Union Glashütte watch water-resistant.

Physical impacts

In the event of a major, external impact, we recommend having your watch checked by a service centre authorised by Union Glashütte.

Temperature fluctuations

Avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures above 60° C or below 0° C or sudden temperature changes (e.g. in a sauna or plunging it into cold water after exposure to strong sunlight).

Handling your watch in water

Do not use the push-buttons in water. Even if your watch is water-resistant, it is extremely important that you do not press the push-buttons when the watch is in contact with water. If water penetrates, it could damage the movement. Also ensure that the crown is not pulled out.

Magnetic fields

As the majority of the individual parts are made of metal, magnetic fields could temporarily affect their function or even cause the movement to come to a complete stop. Therefore, we advise you not to place your watch on an electronic device or expose it to powerful magnets (e.g. refrigerator door, handbag clasp, etc.).